About Tim and Sally

About Sally Erickson

Sally is a gifted and seasoned therapist, a natural empath, and a powerful visionary of possible futures. She’s been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over thirty years, helping people uncover and articulate both their deepest needs and desires on the one hand, and the things that get in the way of achieving their goals on the other. She sees and stands for the goodness and wholeness of all human beings as she helps them uncover and give voice to the truths of their experience. She’s not afraid of strong feelings and is able to provide a strong, loving container in which others can come to see the full truth of their lives.

Sally has been working on her own “stuff” for 40 years, with experiences ranging from primal therapy, family systems, group development, and formal dialogue to Buddhist meditation and wilderness vision quest work. She is able to see the deep intentions beyond and beneath dysfunctional patterns and help people find and express more vulnerably those deep intentions.

When not working with clients, Sally loves to putter in her garden with her grandson, make broken-tile mosaics, or paint a room. She’s involved in local education and community-building efforts, and seeks always to find connection and collaboration wherever she can. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she called North Carolina home for many years before heading north to Maine for a spell. Now back in Chatham County, she’s fixing up yet another old house, and figuring out how best to be of service. Mona the cat insists that at least part of Sally’s energy goes to staring out the window with that selfsame cat in her lap.

About Timothy Bennett

Tim Bennett brings to couple’s counseling a life-long fascination with human behavior, and his unique and superb ability to observe people, interactions, and patterns of behavior, without judgment. He’s remarkably curious and stunningly bright. He requests that people “slow down” while also offering gentle encouragement to clearly explain what it is they are trying to say.  His ability to “stop time” so that he can fully “get” what someone means, is a powerful practice with couples. As a result of his deep desire to understand and to facilitate that understanding by careful listening and skilled observation, conversations proceed with increased clarity and shared meaning for all involved, especially for the individual members of the couple.

Tim has consistently applied his curiosity and intelligence to understanding his wife, Sally, and the workings of their relationship. As someone with Asperger’s, he did not easily or naturally resonate with other’s feelings. It was easy to miss what was going on, both in close interactions as well as in social situations. He now has developed huge skills to help others to express themselves verbally and in concrete terms. Over time, Tim has worked to develop great “emotional intelligence,” so that he creates healthy, helpful interactions with Sally, and in the context of close friendships and family.

When not actively engaged in the fascinating study and pursuit of helping other neuro-diverse couples Tim writes fiction, plays a mean drum kit and has been known to take lead roles on stage in community theater and to contra dance with his wife. He feeds Mona, the cat, every morning, managing not to trip over her in spite of her best attempts as they race down the stairs.

The best way out is always through. – Robert Frost